Additional Minutes Tuesday 5th July 2016

Minutes of the additional Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 5th July,  2016 at 7.00 pm

 Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  H. Mason, R Cordy,  S. Osbourne and R. Parkinson

 Apologies: C. Henderson (holiday),  R Bealey (holiday).

 Also present: Cllr McNally (LCC & ELDC).

 Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 29.16 Cllr Rickett opened the meeting and explained that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss the proposed traveller site in Hallgarth with Councillors before our next public meeting in one weeks time.

 He wanted to take the opportunity to hear everyone’s point of view and to start to get comments down on paper with a view to discussing it further with the Residents Group, if they attend the next meeting.


None of the Councillors present were in favour of the site for a number of reasons:

 ·         Access – through a residential site mainly habited by elderly and young families and going ultimately into a cul-de-sac. Not suitable for large long vehicles;

  • Out of character with the Grade II listed building;
  • Lots of wildlife around including a badger set and voles;
  • No facilities at present, need to be supplied, already a drainage problem in Marshchapel;
  • Not ‘en route’ for travellers, preferred route for Skegness would be down A16, not on the marsh;
  • Distance from ultimate destination, Skegness is less than one hour away;
  • Have the travellers themselves been consulted, do they want to come to Marshchapel?
  • How would site be policed, you couldn’t have people arriving after dusk;
  • We have never had any unauthorized encampments, never had a site so why would there be a need for one now?


On the Local plan in general it was questioned whether we supported the settlement areas indentified and whether it would be possible to ask East Lindsey to re-assess the brown field site at Rookery Farm, since although they maintain it is in a flood risk area they have permitted the office to be renovated. Could the site not be redeveloped with a view to taking the flood risk into account.  Other sites in the village have been developed recently on the flood plain.

 30.16 Web site

 The new web site was briefly discussed as to what items would be required.

It was agreed a calendar/diary, a page for minutes/agendas/etc.,  a page ‘All about Us’ and contact information, a resume of the Trust and links to the primary school and the Archive Group as well as information on how to book the Village Hall.

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31.16 Planning Application

 It was necessary to talk about a planning application that the Chairman has. He declared an interest and vacated the Chair.  It was necessary to propose a Chair and Cllr Mason proposed Cllr Cordy, this was seconded by Cllr Osbourne.

 Cllrr Cordy stated that there were comments on the East Lindsey site regarding the application

 N/118/ 01141/16 which stated that the person proposing the application was a member of the Parish Council as well as the person who owns the land.

 This information is not true, obviously the proposer is our Chairman, Cllr Rickett but the Vendor of the land is an ex Chair who has been gone from the Parish Council for 16 months now and has had no part in the discussions about the proposal at all. All the Councillors present agreed that this was the situation .

 It was felt that this information should be put on file.


No further business meeting closed at 8.29 pm

  September 18, 2016, 2:17 pm


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