Annual Parish Meeting - Minutes - 9th May 2017

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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 9th May, 2017 at 7.30pm


Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair); C. Henderson (V. Chair); R Bealey; R. Joynson, R. Cordy,                  S. Osbourne & H. Mason.

Apologies: Cllr. R Parkinson (work);


Clerk:     Mrs P. Plumridge


Three members of the public were present.


The minutes of the previous Annual Parish Meeting were moved and signed.


Matters Arising

The gypsy/traveller site problem was resolved with the help of residents and Cllr McNally (See Chairmans Report) as have the street lights.


Chairmans Report

The Chairmans report  for the year was available, a copy is on file.


Books Laid Open

The books were signed and laid open for inspection, and then accepted.


Questions from members of Public.


Mrs Houghton was present as a member of the public and as she was involved with the residents who worked against the traveller site she wanted to thank Cllr McNally for all the help he offered them.


The remaining length of time for the PWLB loan was questioned as was the rate of interest.


No further business – meeting closed at 7.42 pm

  April 20, 2018, 4:55 pm


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