Chairmans Report May 2017

2016 was once again a busy year for Marshchapel Parish Council, our year opened with the news that ELDC had chosen Marshchapel as a suitable site for transitioning Travellers. The land at the bottom of Hallgarth was ear marked for said site.

 The Parish Council were gravely concerned about this and immediately sought representation from our District Councillors. Alongside that a Local Opposition Group was formed headed up by Mrs J Houghton (lead) with other willing volunteers from Marshchapel. They successfully visited every household in our village and obtained a petition with over 95% of the village signing it.

Along with this the Parish Council wrote many letters of the strongest objection to ELDC, finally in the Summer the news came we had all hoped for and Marshchapel was removed as a possible site. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Houghton, Mr Burgess , Mr & Mrs Cooling, Mr Irving, Mr Austin and Mr T Mudge for their work and tenacity.

 Alongside the Travellers site we also had news that EDLC wanted to turn off the Street Light at set times in our Village. Once again the Parish Council fought this terrible decision and with a number of Public Meetings held and the Chief Exe and Leader of EDLC in attendance.

Finally, after much consultation the Street Lights remained on, I note they have also now all been changed to LED Lights which are more efficient.

 The Local plan was issued for Consultation and we discussed this at length, and fed back our comments and suggestions during the consultation periods.

 The War Memorial was cleaned and some of the lead lettering replaced, the railings have also been repainted. This was done in time for Remembrance Sunday, which saw a very large turnout of villagers and from the Local Scout Group. The Local Scout Group then went on to serve hot drinks and cake in the Village Hall. I would like to thank them for their efforts and community spirit.

 Sadly we lost the Local Football team, however I’m of the understanding a new Team has been formed and are preparing for their 1st match in the near future.

 We also have a new Police Officer leading the Louth Rural Team, PC Clarke retired this year and PC Precious has taken over his duties. He has attended our meetings and we have some good input from him.

 The Rospa report for the Play area was done in August, this highlighted a number of defects that needed addressing, these have been addressed and all repairs carried out.

 The Parish Council has a new website, where all our minutes, agendas and other relevant information we are required to publish are uploaded so the members of the public can view them.

 Marshchapel has been entered into the Best Kept Village Competition; we look forward to the Judges’ comments and hope we will progress into the later rounds.

 The Parish Council deals with a number of other issues, we have had fly tipping, and problems with footpaths been over grown, along with the day to day items such as Planning and issues our local residents bring to our attention.

 Finally my role as Chairman would be unattainable without the help and support from my fellow Parish Councillors and our Clerk. They all have a role in this Parish Council and its smooth running. I would like to thank them all personally for their help and contribution they make towards our village and the time they freely give up.

 Paul Rickett



  May 20, 2017, 9:24 am


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