Marshchapel Chairman’s Report May 2016

May 2015 saw the Parish Council with some major changes; a long standing Chairman left the Parish Council as did a fellow Parish Councillor. The year start quietly -and we co-opted two new Parish Councillors in, and I moved up to the Chairman position. We also welcomed back our two District Councillors Rob Palmer and Danny McNally.

As the year went on, we continued with normal Parish Business: we met with Anne Shoreland from ELDC to discuss future Planning and Flood Plans, and the grant money from our District Councillors went to help successfully set up our Local Scout Group.

We have two Councillors who now attend the Lincolnshire Police Panel, and this has offered a better insight into their work and duties.

We have an issue with the Playing Field hedge that continues to be as yet unresolved.

The 30 mph sighs and associated Electronic Sign (coming soon) are now installed; we hope this will reduce the speed of traffic through our village.

We have had two Public Meetings about the ELDC proposed suggestion to turn off the Street Lighting unless the PC pay for it. This is on-going and we have spent many hours in discussion and have written with our thoughts and complaints more than once.

There is a Proposed Traveller Site on the horizon. ELDC have not informed us officially on our position, but we will object to this in the most robust manner possible. Last week,  I attended a meeting of an opposition group who have written a several page letter of objection.

We will continue to monitor ALL planning application and offer feedback to ELDC as appropriate.

A brief statement about the Charity Trust- one Cottage has had a major refurbishment and has a new tenant, and the second cottage was given a fresh coat of decoration and has a new tenant in residence also. The Christmas vouchers where given out as normal this year and from our understanding well received.

Finally I should thank my fellow Councillors both local and District for their support and help through the year, and of course the Clerk, who spends many hours corresponding for us / me both written and verbally behind the scenes, this should not go un-noted.

  August 5, 2016, 1:45 pm


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