Minutes - 10th April, 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 10th April, 2018 at 7.30 pm


Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson, (Vice Chair), R. Bealey, R. Joynson, R. Cordy                              and H. Mason..


Apologies: R Parkinson (early work start in morning); S, Osbourne (work)

                   D. McNally (LCC & ELDC); R. Palmer (EDC) family visiting


Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge.


  1. 127.17 – No members of public present, no Police Officers, no report.


  1. 128.17 - No County or District Councillors present.


  1. 129.17 – Declarations of pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest on any Agenda item in accordance with Localism Act and the Council’s Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.



  1. 130.17 – Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were moved and signed.


  1. 131.17 – Matters Arising/ Clerks Report ( items in italics updates)


Playing Field/Rospa Report – Newby Leisure have carried out repairs and changed one of the seats on the swings. We are still waiting for an invoice for this work


Lincs County Council – Highways - The CC have been contacted regarding the puddle outside the school, the condition of the lane by the side of the Church and the parking on the corner of Mill Lane/Sea Dyke Way opposite the school. To date I have not heard anything, I chased up before last meeting with copy email to Cllr McNally, I have still heard nothing but hopefully Cllr McNally will be able to report.

Cllr McNally not present


Speed sign – I have heard from Grainthorpes Clerk, they are happy with arrangement and have requested a payment of a small amount of money since the money the local Cllrs paid didn’t quite cover the full cost of the sign. The extra was split between Grainthorpe, Alvingham and Covenham. It seems Alvingham and Grainthorpe paid the excess and they are now asking for a share from Marshchapel and Covenham. The amount involved is less than £30. Cheque for £27.75 to pay balance on speed sign proposed by Cllr Rickett, seconded by Cllr. Henderson.


The footprint of the Chicken Ranch has been investigated and all is in order. (as per 125.17)


  1. 132.17 – Financial

Financial report agreed. 3 cheques.


739 – P Plumridge – Expenses for year - £46.56

740 – CPRE – BKV entry fee - £18.00

741- Grainthorpe PC - £27.75


  1. 133.17 – Correspondence


Correspondence received since 13th March, 2018                                      


  • ElanCity – special offer for Evolis Radar Speed Sign; (1399-1799)
  • HMR&C finishing old tax year info;
  • NCS (National Citizen Service) for 15 – 17 year olds;2 of 3
  • Lindsey Age UK Information and Advice Service;
  • Bank statements;


Emails received/forwarded since last meeting:


  • 14.3.18 – Town & Parish e-newsletter;
  • 19.3.18 – Weekly email News Digest;
  • 21.3.18 – News & Update – Community News;
  • 26.3.18 – Weekly email News Digest;
  • 27.3.18 – LALC News 164 Edition;
  • 27.3.18 – N/118/00277/18 – Planning consultation – Willow Tree Farm;
  • 27.3.18 – School Organisation Decision from Executive;
  • 28.3.18 – Complying with GDPR;
  • 3.4.18 – Weekly e-newsletter;
  • 3.4.18 – Waste Strategy Consultation;
  • 4.4.18 – Grass cutting programme 18/19
  • 6.4.18 – Op Galileo enewsletter, via LALC.

134,17 Standing Orders and Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment

Best Value

Work awarded


The Council has Financial Regs. which set out the requirements. Normal practise is to seek more than one quote, (if possible three) for substantial work, however due to specialised nature of some work this is not always possible.

Standing Orders


Orders for the payment of money shall be authorised by resolution of

the Council and signed by two members or one member and the Clerk.

If a cheque is signed by a Cllr and Clerk between meetings this will be

ratified at the following meeting.


Financial Matters

The Council shall consider and approve Financial Regulations, including

contracts procedures, drawn up by the Responsible Financial Officer, and

which are attached to these Standing Orders.


Equipment exceeding the value of £999 purchased by the Council should be

subject to a tendering process usually with three tenders offered if possible.


These amendments (highlighted text) were proposed by Cllr Rickett and seconded by Cllr Henderson, all in favour.


Cllr Henderson also pointed out that the standing orders stated our meetings were usually held on second Monday of the month, Monday needs amending to Tuesday.


  1. 135.17– Damage Report


No 1 lamppost in Plumtree Drive is fixed.

 136.17 – Planning


N/118/00277/18 - Willow Tree Farm, supported between meetings.


  1. 137.17 – Chairman’s Items


It has been brought to our attention that there is quite a substantial amount of tyres stored in the field behind Rookery Row. Environment Agency/ELDC to be advised.


  1. 138.17 – AOB


Cllr Mason brought up the fact that the dykes on the left hand side of Littlefield Lane are very overgrown and need clearing out.

Cllr Mason and Cllr Henderson attended the recent Police Panel meeting where reports of 2 household buglaries, 2 outbuilding burglaries, where power tools were stolen and 2 mountain buke thefts were given.

It appears entry is being gained to garages and outbuilding by removing roof tiles.

Cllr Joynson brought up the Data Protection Law changes that will shortly be in place. Clerk to seek more information from LALC.


  1. 139.17 Date and Time of Next Meeting


Tuesday 1st May, 2018 at 7.00 Trust and 7.30 Parish Council


There will be three PC meetings on 1st May – the Annual Parish Meeting, the Annual Parish Council Meeting and an Ordinary Meeting.


No further business, meeting closed at 8.35pm

  April 20, 2018, 4:52 pm


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