Minutes - 13th December 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 13th  December,  2016 at 7.15 pm

 Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  C Henderson,  H. Mason, R. Bealey, S. Osbourne, R, Cordy and    R. Parkinson, R. Joynson.

 Also present: 3  members of public from 7.30;  Cllr McNally (LCC & ELDC ) from 7.45pm

 Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 86.16 – Declaration of Interests - None

 87.16 – Minutes

The minutes were moved and signed.

88.16 – Matters Arising

 Speed Brackets – not done yet.

Rospa Report – New parts on order from Newby Leisure, should be completed in next few weeks.

Pavilion –Mr Cooper has informed us that monies are still with FA and that North Cotes do want the pavilion but cannot arrange to move it until the drier weather as it will need a crane and the land is very wet at the moment. Hope to do it in Spring/early summer.

Speed Awareness – A speed awareness session carried out with the school children by Richard Precious went well.

 89.16 Members of Public

 Two members of the public wanted to discuss the street lights and asked why some areas of the village are off at night and some are not. It was explained to them that some lights were the District Councils responsibility and some the County Councils.  They were concerned that some of the lights are going off as early as 10:30 and were frightened of prowlers.  If prowlers are seen it was emphasised  that it must be reported to the police.  If we are to make any case that the lights need to remain on we must have evidence that we need them on all night.

(Cllr McNally arrived 7:45 pm)

 The other member of the public was concerned about Church Lane and felt that the 30 mph speed limit should be extended to the cross roads at West End. He also indicated that the bridge was damaged by a recent accident.

 90.16 Cllr McNally

 Cllr McNally was asked to enquire about the cost and the possibility of the Parish Council taking on the street lights. PC to monitor until March the situation with regard to them going off at 10:30 but think this could be a slight fault as they are not supposed to go off that early.

Cllr McNally has been making enquiries with Graham Butler with regard to the 30 mph speed limit, it is not a simple task of just moving signs about.

Cllr McNally asked to find out what comments were made by ELDC on comments forwarded by Parish Council with regard to the new local plan and whether our views were taken into account.

 91.16 – Financial

Financial report has been forwarded, 3 cheques to sign.

 700 – P. Plumridge – Wages

701 – (signed in October)

702 – HM Revenue and Customs – PAYE

703 – TEJ Contracting – Fence replacement - £163.80

 92.16 - Correspondence

 Correspondence received since 8th November, 2016                                          

 Consultation – ELDC Local Plan Publication Version; 

Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (8th November, 2016)

 14.11.16 - Phone Box Adoption Confirmation;

  • 14.11.16 - N/118/01919/16 – Lingard – Full Permission
  • 14.11.16 – Weekly Email News Digest;
  • 22.11.16 - PCC Budget Consultation;
  • 6.12.16 - Invitation to Louth & Horncastle Broadband Summit hosted by Victoria Atkins MP;

   93.16 – Damage Report

Drain support crumbling outside school, drain near phone box flooding.

 94.16 – Planning - None

N/118/01919/16 – Lingard – Full Permission

 95.16 – Chairman’s Items - None

 96.16 – AOB

Littlefield Lane along bottom of playing field bad condition, not really possible to drive along safely without damaging car.

Report of excessive noise from Old Post Office, enquiries to be made.

Quote obtained from TEJ to trim trees on perimeter of playing field, two more quotes to be obtained.

 97.16 Date and Time of Next Meeting

 Tuesday 10th January, 2017 – 7-00 pm Trust Meeting,  7-30 Parish Council Meeting. Precept to be set.

No further business, meeting closed at 8.36 pm

  January 5, 2017, 4:38 pm


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