Minutes - 13th February 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 13th February, 2018 at 7.30 pm


Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson, (Vice Chair), R. Bealey, H. Mason, R. Parkinson, R. Joynson, R. Cordy and S. Osbourne.


Also present: Cllr D. McNally (LCC and ELDC) and Cllr R. Palmer (ELDC).


Apologies: R. Precious (Lincs Police)


Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge.


  1. 113.17 – No members of public present, no Police Officers, report already forwarded to Cllrs and put on file.


  1. 114.17 – Cllr R Palmer

There have been no meetings at ELDC so nothing to report. There was some discussions regarding the Business Improvement tax which is affecting businesses from Skegness to Tetney.

Cllr McNally

It was reported that the proposals for the realignment from Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point would be discussed at a drop in session on 27th February from 2 – 7 at the Methodist Chapel in Saltfleet, there is also a consultation on line on the Environmental Agency site. Marshchapel comes under the Humber Estuary site and this will be consulted in due course.

The Police Panel met last week and they are increasing their precept by £12 to keep service ‘as is’.

The County Council will probably impose a 6% increase on 19.02.18.


  1. 115.17 – Declarations of pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest on any Agenda item in accordance with Localism Act and the Council’s Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.



  1. 116.17 – Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were moved and signed.


  1. 117.17 – Matters Arising/ Clerks Report ( items in italics updates)


Playing Field/Rospa Report – Newby Leisure have been asked to carry out repairs and change one of the seats on the swings.

Posts on Mill Lane junction – Cllr McNally  has advised that we can put posts or similar up on this corner but the person who puts them down becomes the responsible person, basically if a car was to become damaged or someone trips because of them, then the person becomes liable. It was proposed by Cllr Rickett and seconded by Cllr Osbourne, that we leave this for now. Cllr Osbourne will try and identify the main culprits. It was suggested we could contact Highways to see if they would put kerbing on the corner.  It was also pointed out that the Highway Code prohibits parking on road junctions.


As we now have the brackets in position, Clerk was asked to try and locate the sign and secure some time for it to be in Marshchapel. It is shared between four parishes, Marshchapel, Grainthorpe, Covenham and Alvingham.


As the position regarding the Travellers site has been resolved Cllrs confirmed they were happy with the modifications to the local plan.


(Cllr McNally left at 8:06)

  1. 118.17 – Financial

Financial report agreed. 2 cheques.

735 - P.Plumridge – Laptop - £507.49

736 - TEJ – repairs at playing field - £50.00

 119.17 – Correspondence

Correspondence received since last meeting,   (9th January, 2018)

  • Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine;
  • Furniture at Work brochure;
  • Bank statement.


Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (9th January, 2018)


  • 10.1.18- Sheila Pierce (N Somercotes Clerk) – EM/3044 Draft Order Diversion of Highways Footpath 18;
  • 10.1.18- E.L. Local Plan Main Modifications Consultation;
  • 12.1.18 – Lincs Env Award 2018;
  • 12.1.18 ELDC Budget Consultation;
  • 12.1.18 – Parish Precept acknowledgement;
  • 18.1.18- War Memorials online info;
  • 18.1.18- ELDC Planning Amendment N/118/02045/17 – Littlefield Farm;
  • 19.1.18- Fairer Funding Campaign;
  • 22.1.18- Sheila Pierce (N. Somercotes Clerk) – Removal of Emergency Access at Pyes’s Hall Bridge over Somercotes Haven;
  • 23.1.18- Planning decision N/118/02260/17 – Beaconsfield Farm;
  • 24.1.18-A Cressy (Lovelles) – Landlord Newsletter;
  • 29.1.18- Town & Parish e newsletter;
  • 3.2.18- Neighbourhood Alert Feedback;
  • 7.2.18- Rural Opportunities Bulletin


  1. 110.17– Damage Report


  1. 111.17 – Planning

N/118/02260/17 Beaconsfield Farm – refused by ELDC

N/118/02045/17 Littlefield Farm – supported by PC, height issue raised with officers, granted by ELDC


  1. 112.17 – Chairman’s Items

Marshchapel.com is up for renewal, Mr Burgess has asked if the PC want it. Proposed by Cllr Osbourne we keep it, seconded by Cllr Henderson.

Chair also asked all Councillors to be sure they reply to Clerks email when we deal with planning between meetings.   It is important all councillors reply even if it is just to say ‘no comment’.


  1. 113.17 – AOB

Cllr Bealey reported that he had received a complaint about the puddles outside the school. Clerk to report.

Footpath 27 needs to be reinstated across the field.

Cllr Henderson reported that the lane by the Church was in a dreadful condition since the new build by Platers and Cllr Rickett reported he had been approached about this too. Clerk to write to Highways.

Cllr Parkinson showed wheelie bin stickers to enforce 30mph which were available from stickerzilla.co.uk on Amazon for £5.38 for three.

Cllr Joynson has been approached to ask the PC if it is acceptable to scatter some ashes by the public bench on the corner near North Lane. The area would also be maintained. No one objected to this request.


  1. 114.17 Date and Time of Next Meeting


Tuesday 13th March, 2018 at 7.00 Trust and 7.30 Parish Council


No further business, meeting closed at 8.29pm

  February 26, 2018, 2:33 pm


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