Minutes - 13th March, 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 13th March, 2018 at 7.30 pm


Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson, (Vice Chair), R. Bealey, R. Joynson, R. Cordy and S. Osbourne.


Also present: Cllr D. McNally (LCC and ELDC)


Apologies: R Parkinson (early work start in morning); H Mason (ill)


Apologies next day – R Palmer (ELDC) (family commitment)


Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge.


  1. 115.17 – No members of public present, no Police Officers, report already forwarded to Cllrs and put on file.


  1. 116.17 - Cllr McNally


It was reported that the budget setting took place last Thursday and council tax increases equated to £4.95 per month extra on a Band D property.

It is proposed to employ 4 apprentices on the waste management team and 5 on planning.

Planning fees will increase this year by 20% in line with Government directives. A specific Planning Officer to cover Enforcement will be employed.

The consultation on the local primary schools has taken place to change the age range intake, it has been approved and is going to the Executive Committee. The transport issue has been discussed and costed and transport will be provided for those that want it. Cllr McNally was asked to question whether all children who attend Marshchapel for Nursery and R to Y2 will be guaranteed a place at Grainthorpe for Y3-6. Is the facility going to be treated as one school on two sites?


  1. 117.17Declarations of pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest on any Agenda item in accordance with Localism Act and the Council’s Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.



  1. 118.17 – Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were moved and signed.


  1. 119.17 – Matters Arising/ Clerks Report ( items in italics updates)


Playing Field/Rospa Report – Newby Leisure have carried out repairs and changed one of the seats on the swings.

Lincs County Council – Highways - The CC have been contacted regarding the puddle outside the school, the condition of the lane by the side of the Church and the parking on the corner of Mill Lane/Sea Dyke Way opposite the school. To date I have not heard anything but will chase this up again before meeting.

Speed sign – The speed sign is, at present, in Grainthorpe. I have contacted the other Clerks of the villages involved and drawn up a monthly rota.   The Clerks seemed in favour of our proposition and will be taking it to their next meetings, most of which are in March. Hopefully, we will be able to get this sorted and the sign rotated around the villages on a monthly basis.

  1. Marshchapel.com – This has been renewed for another year. Mr Burgess kindly paid for it and has refused any refund from the PC. It will, however, be our responsibility from next year.

It was requested Clerk write and thank Mr Burgess.


  1. 120.17 – Financial

Financial report agreed. 2 cheques.


737 – P Plumridge – Wages

738 – HM R & C – PAYE

  Since we have now purchased a new laptop, the old one is surplus to requirements. The Cllrs agreed it was probably worth about £50 since we know it has a fault on it and it only works (slowly) when plugged in to the mains. Cllr Rickett is prepared to take it ‘sold as seen’ for £50. Proposed R Joynson, sec C. Henderson.


  1. 121.17 – Correspondence

 Correspondence received since13th February, 2018                                        

    • Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine;
    • Furniture at Work brochure;
    • Bank statement
    • HAGS inclusive Playground Solutions;
    • Glasdon Street Furniture;
    • Streetscape literature;
  • Lincs Rural Housing Assoc. (To be discussed); Cllr Osbourne taken to read and report back suggested maybe Hallgarth land might be suitable. Agenda item next meeting


  • UK Parliament – Celebrate democracy with Equaliteas and UK Parliament Week;

Emails received/forwarded since last meeting:

    • 14.2.18 – ELDC Planning Consultation – N/118/00277/18 – Willow Tree Farm;
    • 15.2.18 – Messenger – Feb 2018;
    • 17.2.18 – Confirmation of renewal of Marshchapel.com for one year;
    • 19.2.18 – Weekly email newsletter;
    • 2.3.18 – info from LALC regarding DPO;
  • 7.3.18 – Info regarding BKV.BKV discussed, Cllr wanted to enter again this year.   Clerk suggested Poster Competition for school children so we could use posters round village to raise awareness. Cllrs thought this was a good idea, Clerk to contact Head at school.

122.17– Damage Report


 No 1 lamppost in Plumtree Drive flickering on and off.

123.17 – Planning

 N/118/00277/18 Willow Tree Farm, supported between meetings.

 124.17 – Chairman’s Items

Cllr Cordy is now an administrator on Marshchapel Spotted but it will remain independent of the Parish Council.

 125.17 – AOB

Cllr Joynson questioned the footprint of the building at the Chicken Ranch, plans to be looked at and scrutinised.

The Post Office and Village Store is up for sale.

 126.17 Date and Time of Next Meeting


Tuesday 10th April, 2018 at 7.00 Trust and 7.30 Parish Council


No further business, meeting closed at 8.30pm


  March 24, 2018, 10:23 am


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