Minutes - 6th September, 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Wednesday 6th September,  2017 at 7.25 pm

 Present: Cllrs. C Henderson, (Vice Chair)  R. Bealey, R. Joynson, S. Osbourne ,      R. Cordy and  H. Mason


Apologies: Cllrs  P Rickett  (ill);  R Parkinson (work).


Also present: Cllr. R  Palmer  (ELDC ); 


Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.


In the absence of the Chairman the Vice Chair chaired the meeting.


  1. 42.17 – No members of the public present, no Police Officers present


  1. 43.17 – Declarations of pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest on any Agenda item in accordance with Localism Act and the Council’s Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.



  1. 44.17 – Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were moved and signed.


  1. 45.17 – Cllr Palmer (arrived at 7:30)

Cllr Palmer reported that things have been quiet recently apart from electing officers, there has been very little business.

He reported that he is a member of the Drainage Board and they have been keeping up with the work and doing a good job and there have been no problems coping with the rain.

The groups of youths in the villages appear, for the time being, to have moved on and are not causing problems at the moment.

Highways have been receiving complaints about the verges etc, indeed the Clerk has reported the obscured 30 mph signs as you come into the village, but Highways don’t have any money to keep up with these things.


  1. 46.17 – Matters Arising/ Clerks Report ( items in italics updates)


Caudwells Trees -  I have been in contact with Merton College again since it is some time since I forwarded photographs.  They have replied stating that they will attend and look at the situation.  I will email again before meeting to see if anything has been decided. Still nothing resolved, Clerk to contact again.


Red Ensign Julien Jackson agreed to fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day, which is officially 3rd September but the flag can be flown at any time. Flag has been purchased.   I will try and arrange something for the official flag flying ceremony. This has now been confirmed as 11:30 on Sunday morning.


Web site – I have contacted  CC and obtained a web site for Marshchapel which I will work on over the coming months.  We have until June next year to get it ‘up and running’ as we have paid Easyweb for another year,  and I would like to think it can be ready to go live at the start of our new year on 1st April, 2018 or for the AGM.  There is potential to put quite a lot of information on this new site which I will aim to do.  I am aware that Cllr Osborne wants to be involved so we will find some time to work together on this.


Audit – Grant Thornton requested a breakdown and explanation of our income for 2016/17 as it was higher than previous year.  It was because we had brought alllotment rents forward to be paid in advance and because we received £720 from accident on Playing Field which was showing as income, although we had paid out the repair bill.  


Monitoring Officer – Paul, Christel and myself attended a meeting with Monitoring Officer on 26th July.   He was very supportive and answered our questions and offered his support should we get any more queries.  Just to answer a couple of points, it is quite in order to go into a closed session provided you have a resolution which is proposed and seconded, (public interest justification);  he advised us to always get 3 quotes for any work  and to give clear justification as to whom we employ and to make sure this is in our standing orders.  He agreed a Clerk’s report is a good idea to keep Councillors informed and it is acceptable to do planning through email when it falls between meetings as it is better to get a response this way than to miss the opportunity to comment at all.  He advised all replies to Clerk be cc to other Councillors as well.  There is no need to be internally audited every six months, the internal audit for the annual audit every year is sufficient.


Dog Warden – Following a report from a Parishioner, I contacted the Dog Warden who has put up some new posters/signage in Harpham Road.


Financial – I have forwarded the cheque to pay for the flag; we have received a refund of £1013 VAT from HM Customs & Rev.  I am still pursuing Maven (5020130) regarding the rest of our money from the accident 18 months ago, (£100 excess still outstanding).


Playing Field/Rospa Report – I have experienced some difficulty with the report this year, the first one we were forwarded contained pictures that were not on our site, to cut a long story (and loads of emails) short we were re-inspected and now have a new report, which has been forwarded to everybody.


Meeting Room – Edward Mossop has been made aware of the state our meeting room was left in following the election, (blue tack all over the walls) he is dealing with it and it will be redecorated.


  1. 47.17 – Financial

Financial report agreed.

Four cheques signed:

723 -  Hampshire Flag Company - £33.60 signed between meetings as per proposal in min 33.17

724- P. Plumridge - Wages

725 – HM Customs & Rev. – PAYE

726 – Playsafety – Rospa Report - £84.00

727 – S Osbourne – Key cutting - £3.95

48.17 – Correspondence

 Correspondence received since 11th July,  2017


  • LCC - Travel Information posters.


Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (11th July, 2017)


  • 13.7.17 – Police Report;
  • 17.7.17 – Town & Parish newsletter;
  • 18.7.17 – LALC AGM – 17.10.17;
  • 24.7.17 – News digest – Rural Services;
  • 24.7.17 – Community Lincs News & Updates;
  • 31.7.17 – Community Wildlife Grant info;
  • 1.8.17 – Rural Conference 2017, 5h & 6th September;
  • 10.8.17 – Info about Louth Livestock Market;
  • 22.8.17 – Newsletter – Community Collaboration – ‘A Councillors Guide’;
  • 25.8.17 – Rospa Report;
  • 25.8.17 – ELDC – Planning N/118/01484/17
  • 30.8.17 – Town & Parish newsletter.
  1. 49.17 – Rospa Report


It was decided to look at this at the next meeting when Cllr Rickett is able to attend as he is the most experienced in this field.


  1. 50.17– Damage Report


One slat missing off the playing field fence, Cllr Joynson will hammer it back in place.


  1. 51.17 – Planning


N/118/01484/17 – Westlands Water – no objections, application supported.


  1. 52.17 – Chairman’s Items


Flagpole – following our raising of the red ensign it has been suggested that the PC should have their own flagpole. Suggestions for the site of it have been:  in the War Memorial gardens and on the piece of land opppsite that the PC license from Highways.  Clerk to look into Highways land to see if there are any regulations and also if we need planning permission.


The village people that attended enjoyed the raising of the red ensign, however, it seems Mr Jackson would not be amenable to us using his flagpole again but we were grateful to him allowing us to use it this time.


  1. 53.17 – AOB


The Clerk indicated that she is interested in completing the CILCA Course which is an accreditation for Parish Clerks. She asked if the PC would be prepared to pay her fees of £400 plus the books she would require.  The Councillors were very encouraging and agreed to this; proposed Cllr Beeley, seconded Cllr Cordy, all in favour, they did however add the proviso that if the Clerk leaves Marshchapels employ within six months of qualifying, she will be asked to pay back the fees.  Clerk happy with this arrangement and will look into when the next course is available.


  1. 54.17 Date and Time of Next Meeting


Tuesday 10th October, 2017 at 7.00 Trust and 7.30 Parish Council



No further business, meeting closed at 7.56 pm



  September 27, 2017, 11:20 am


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