Minutes - 7th February, 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 7th  February,  2017 at 7.15 pm

  Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  C Henderson,  H. Mason, R. Bealey,  R. Cordy  and  R. Joynson.

 Apologies: R. Parkinson (ill);  S. Osbourne (previous engagement).             

Also present: Cllr. McNally (LCC & ELDC )

                        3 members of the public 

Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 The members of the public did not wish to speak.

 There were no Police Officers present or a police report filed.

 109.16 – Declaration of Interests

Cllr Rickett declared an interest in N/118/00053/17 as it is next door to his building plot.

110.16 – Minutes

 The minutes were moved and signed.

 111.16 – Matters Arising

 Speed Brackets – not done yet.

Playing Field - Quotes for tree pruning on perimeter – not yet obtained

 112.16 – Financial

Financial report has been forwarded, no cheques to sign.

 113.16 - Correspondence

Correspondence received since 10th January, 2017                                          

  • ELDC Planning – Heron Windfarm – N/127/02531/16, temporary vehicular access; (Agenda item)


  • Furniture @work brochure;

Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,  

  • 18.1.17 – ELDC consultation N/118/00052/17 – change of use, fishing lake. (Agenda item)


  • 20.1.17 – LCC Highways – Grass verge cutting; (Agenda item)
  • 27.1.17 – Town & Parish Newsletter;
  • 30.1.17 – CPRE Annual Report;
  • 30.1.17 – Glendale Green Space Solutions;
  • 1.2.17 – Rural Opportunities Bulletin;
  • 1.2.17 – Lincolnshire Street Works Permit Scheme Consultation 

 114.16 LCC Highways Grass Cutting

 We have received two communications from LCC regarding grass verge cutting and amenity grass cutting.  They are not direct and to the point but we think they are telling us that there will only be two safety cuts on grass verges this year and we need to confirm or otherwise whether the same applies to amenity grass cutting since it is very confusing.

(Councilllor McNally arrived 8:15)

 Cllr McNally was asked about the grass and he was not quite sure either but has said that he will find out and confirm to the Clerk.

 If it turns out that we will have to pay for the extra amenity grass cutting this could prove expensive and it would have made more sense for LCC to have let us know about this before the precept was set.

 115.16 Cllr McNally – (declared interest in Planning as now on Planning Committee)

 Cllr McNally reported that the Area Forum meeting will take place on 27th March.  Our Cllrs would not be attending since they did not find it useful or informative.

There is a possibility there could be a referendum about abolishing the District and County Councils and having just one authority, allegedly saving thirty million pounds. This could be held on the same day as the County Council elections in May.

116.16 – Transparency Code

All Cllrs are happy that we have adhered to this code.

The draft Agenda is now published on the web site and facebook. Cllr Joynson has agreed to put a copy up in the shop.

Cllr Joynson also suggested it would be a good idea to put a notice in the notice board stating that there is information on the web site and on facebook. This would be done.

 117.16 – Damage Report - none

 118.16 – Planning

 N/127/02531/16, temporary vehicular access, Sheepmarsh Lane, Windfarms – Supported.

N/118/00052/17, change of use, fishing lake - withdrawn

 119.16 – Chairman’s Items - None

 120.16 – AOB

 Cllr Joynson reported that a large articulated lorry had been used to deliver goods to the shop and he was rather concerned about the size of it. However it sustained some damage on the narrow roads and would not be on the marsh again.

 The Clerk reported that she had received some very supportive feedback about the war memorial. Two new residents had attended the Remembrance Service and were very impressed with the renovations and condition of the War Memorial for such a small village.

 The Scouts have celebrated their 1st Birthday on 8th February, with 42 children attending.

 121.16 Date and Time of Next Meeting

 Tuesday 14th March, 2017 – 7-00 pm Trust Meeting,  7-30 Parish Council Meeting. 

No further business, meeting closed at 8.50 pm


  February 25, 2017, 5:04 pm


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