Minutes - 9th January 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 9th January, 2018 at 7.30 pm


Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson, (Vice Chair), R. Bealey, H. Mason, R. Parkinson, R. Joynson and S. Osbourne.    


Apologies: Clllr McNallly (LCC & ELDC); Clllr Palmer (ELDC); by email during meeting Cllr Cordy (delayed at work).        


Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge.


  1. 92.17 – No members of public present, no Police Officers present, no County Councillor present, no District Councillors present.


  1. 93.17 – Declarations of pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest on any Agenda item in accordance with Localism Act and the Council’s Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.



  1. 94.17 – Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were moved and signed.


  1. 95.17 – Matters Arising/ Clerks Report ( items in italics updates)


Speed sign/road signs – Four brackets have now been put in place ready for the monitoring machine. Fifth bracket to be kept as spare for now plus it was cheaper to buy five than four.  Clerk to contact neighbouring parishes to find out where it is and request use of it.


Playing Field/Rospa Report – Clerk now has two quotes for the repairs to the swings and the replacement of one seat with a cradle seat. HAGs quote is £442, Newby Leisure quote is £360 for swing + £60 for chains. Due to the difficulty in obtaining quotes it was agreed , in this instance we would stick with two quotes. It was proposed by Cllr Joynson that we go ahead with the Newby Leisure quote and replace one of the seats with a cradle seat, this was seconded by Cllr Parkinson, all in favour.


  1. 96.17 – Financial

Financial report agreed. No cheques.


Precept costings had been prepared by Clerk and sent out for all Cllrs to look at prior to meeting. It was discussed and questions answered and it was agreed that we would precept for the same amount as last year £11,200 – proposed by Cllr Joynson, secondend by Clllr Rickett, all in favour.


  1. 97.17 – Correspondence

Correspondence received since last meeting,   (12th December, 2017)


  • Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine;


Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (12th December, 2017)


  • 15.12.17 – Adoption of Minerals and Waste Local Plan;
  • 17.12.17 – December E Brief;
  • 17.12.17 – December Messenger;
  • 17.12.17 – LALC Latest News;
  • 20.12.17 – Transport Update;
  • 20.12.17 – Parish Precepts
  • 8.1.17 – Consultation on modifications on Local Plan



As more and more information is coming to the Parish Council by email, some of these are being forwarded onto Councillors to read. Unless specifically put on the Agenda they will not be discussed at a Parish Council meeting, although you will have the opportunity to raise concerns/questions under the item ‘Correspondence’ on the Agenda.


The consultation on the local plan was looked at, it had only arrived the previous day and Cllrs were asked to look at it more carefully before the next meeting, which, if necessary will be brought forward one week to 6th February.

It was noted, however, that the travellers transition site in Hallgarth, Marshchapel was back in. We were unable to get any information from Cllr McNally about this as he is out of the country working at present but the Clerk was instructed to enquire with ELDC if this is an error, as we were led to believe it had been removed from the local plan.


  1. 98.17– Damage Report

Parking on the grass at the bottom of Mill Lane is churning it up badly, it was suggested that we could put in white posts (Clerk to find out cost) or ask Highways to extend footpath. Parking in Church Lane on the corner is causing a hazard and making the junction very dangerous, Cllr McNally to be asked to enquire about extending zig zags from school and making junction a STOP junction. Also suggested double white lines through the bends from Village Hall to White Horse as lots of cars cut corners in front of school


  1. 99.17 – Planning None


  1. 100.17 – Chairman’s Items

Chair had recently run a poll on Marshchapel Spotted regarding running a car boot sale.   A lot of people are in favour but the PC don’t want to organise it.   Clerk to ask if PTFA want to do it for school funds.


  1. 101.17 – AOB


Cllr Joynson reported that he hoped the Post Office would re-open tomorrow after the computer breakdown of the last few days, for which he apologised.

John Mathews to be asked for quote fix fan in Clerks office.

Laptop still not working proposed we spend up to £500 on new one. Pro Cllr. Osbourne, sec Cllr. Rickett. (£300 was put aside a couple of years ago when it broke down previously)|.


  1. 102.17 Date and Time of Next Meeting


Tuesday 13th February , 2018 at 7.00 Trust and 7.30 Parish Council

Please note – this could be brought forward to 6th February to allow for comments on local plan.


No further business, meeting closed at 8.25pm

  February 3, 2018, 1:22 pm


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