Minutes - 9th May 2017

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Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 9th  May,  2017 at 7.42 pm 

Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  C Henderson,  R. Cordy,  R. Bealey, R. Joynson, S. Osbourne and H. Mason               

Apologies: R. Parkinson (work) 

Also present: Cllr. McNally (LCC & ELDC );

                     3 members of the public

 Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 4.17 – Members of public

Did not express desire to speak.

 5.17 – Declaration of Interests


 6.17 – Minutes

 The minutes were moved and signed.

7.17 – Matters Arising

 Playing Field – work now complete.

Merton College – Clerk has contacted again but nothing appears to have been done. Contact again.

Church Lane Junction –discussed but no conclusions reached, Cllr McNally to make enquires regarding double white lines to stop people cutting corner and also ‘STOP’ sign on junction. 

Footpaths – Cllr Henderson reported that it appears that we have a Footpath Officer – Mr Julien Jackson, in the village. In future any problems with footpaths will be referred to him.

Risk Assessment – this was not done in time for this meeting but should be done by June meeting.

 8.17 - Cllr McNally 

Not a lot has been going on due to recent elections, Cllr McNally has been returned as our Representative at LCC.

He asked if there were any more problems with the lights going off early, but it seems this has now been resolved. They will be reviewed in September.  He was questioned as to whether LCC are replacing street lights with LED as they go faulty, he was not sure but would make enquiries.

The Police cuts were discussed, priority was to get more funding for area as it is very poorly staffed.

9.17 – Financial

 The Annual Governance Statement 2016/17 was read, agreed and signed.

The Accounting statements 2016/17 were signed.

 Financial report has been forwarded, 3 cheques to sign.

713 – P. Plumridge – personal chq paid to CPRE to cover BKV entry fee - £18.00

714 – Lindsey Marsh Drainage Boad - £12.76

715–– T E J Contracting – Tree trimming on Playing Field - £380.00


(Cllr McNally left at 8.12)

 10.17 – Correspondence

Correspondence received since 11th April, 2017                                          

  • Drainage rates;
  • Various notices with regard to LCC election;
  • HMRC info;
  • Notice of Parliamentary election;

Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (11th April, 2017)


12.4.17 – Information from LCC regarding grass and amenity cutting;

21.4.17 – LCC – New Highways Service;

27.4.17 – ELDC Planning Application N/118/00374/17 – Fairview – Passed

28.4.17 – ELDC Planning N/118/00348/17 – Platers Yard – passed;

2.5.17 - Resilient Communities Conference 15.6.17;

3.5.17 – Rural Opportunities Bulletin;

8.5.17 – Town & Parish e-newsletter.

11.17 – Amenity Grass Cutting

 This was discussed at length and we are still rather confused exactly what, if any, grass cutting will be done by LCC. Clerk to ask for clarity.  In the meantime Digs have been asked to quote for an amenity cut, as per the map supplied by Clerk and 2 other quotes will also be obtained.  Clerk to contact Paul Pridgeon and Micky Lingard.  The area in Hallgarth to be treated as a separate item and a separate quote  to be obtained.

 12.17 – Pavilion

The porta cabin is still on the Playing Field and although we have been approached by a new football team the changing rooms are nothing to do with us. Clerk to contact Perry Cooper to see what he intends to do with the porta cabin.

 13.17– Damage Report - None

 14.17 – Planning

N/118/00348/17 – Platers Yard – passed

N/118/00374/17 – Fairview – passed

 15.17 – Chairman’s Items - None

 16.17 – AOB

A Councillor has noticed that the school notice board is displaying very out of date notices, however, when she enquired at the school office she was told that the key was lost and the notice board couldn’t be opened.

 It was questioned what the surveillance camera was on the corner near Drain Bridge and it seems it is a number plate recognition camera.

 The recent renovation work to the house on the Chapel corner which included cladding the outside walls with Kingspan has slightly reduced the width of the pavement.

Victoria Atkin our local MP recently visited the local shop.

 17.17 Date and Time of Next Meeting

 Tuesday 13th June,  2017 – 7-00 pm Trust Meeting,  7-30 Ordinary Meeting.

No further business, meeting closed at 8.41 pm

  May 20, 2017, 9:34 am


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