Minutes - Public Meeting - Tuesday, 27th January, 2016

Minutes of a PUBLIC MEETING held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 27th January, 2016 at 7.00 pm

Parish Councillors present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson (Vice Chair); S Osbourne,
R Parkinson and R. Joynson.
Also present: Cllr Palmer (ELDC), Cllr McNally (ELDC & LCC).
Members of the public present – signatures on file
Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge

The purpose of the meeting was to inform the Parishioners of Marshchapel that East Lindsey District Council were looking at budget cuts. One of their proposals to save money is to turn off the footway lights in the 96 parishes (1700 lights) in East Lindsey. They intend to give Parish Councils the opportunity to accept responsibility for the street lights in their village.

• The Parish Council wanted to ascertain if the people of Marshchapel wanted to keep their street lights on.
• If they did want to keep them on were they prepared to pay approximately £10 a year extra, per household, on the precept, in order that the Parish Council could pay for the running costs and maintenance. (This costing is on the information that we have from ELDC at the present time, the Chairman is in the process of trying to get it as accurate and up to date as possible.)

There was a lot of discussion and points raised which resulted in the following:

? The Parishioners do want their street lights on.
? The Parishioners don’t want to pay any extra money to keep their street lights on.

It also raised points which need clarifying.

• The residents in Salters Close pay a service contract for their street lights, what will happen to them?
• What are other parishes saying/doing?
• Would Parish Council need to increase their insurance liability?
• More specific information needed:
i) What is the likely cost of ongoing maintenance?
ii) Exactly which lights will be affected, ie are any highway lights?
iii) What will happen to any new developments with regard to street lights?

It was suggested ELDC could find other ways of saving £100,000 (which is the target) by cutting grants to the Embassy Centre at Skegness, by limiting the promenade lights at Skegness and Mablethorpe, by turning off all their lights on the car park at Tedder Hall and by charging for car parking at Tedder Hall.

The District Councillors present expressed their views on this and indicated that they would both be voting against turning the street lights off at the Budget Meeting when it takes place, as will many other District Councillors.

It was then agreed that some of the Parishioners present would help by getting a petition signed. Copies would be put in the pubs and shop and they would also go round the village.
A further meeting would be held on Wednesday 16th March at 7.00pm in the Meeting Room and the Chief Exec of the Council, the Leader of the Council, a legal representative and the Press would be invited to attend from ELDC.

The Chairman of Marshchapel Parish Council, Cllr Paul Rickett, thanked everyone for attending and said that the Parish Council would continue to look into this matter.

Meeting closed 7:52 pm




  August 5, 2016, 1:34 pm


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