Minutes - Tuesday, 10th November, 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 10th November, 2015 at 7.15 pm

Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson (Vice Chair); B. Bealey, H. Mason, R. Parkinson, S. Osbourne and R. Cordy.

Apologies: R Joynson (work commitments). Cllr McNally (ELDC & LCC).
Also present: Cllr Palmer (ELDC) (from 8:03)
Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge

No members of the public present.

72.15 No declarations of interest

73.15 Minutes of the previous meeting were moved and signed.

74.15 Matters Arising

Hedge - Still no reply from LCC regarding hedge, Cllr McNally not present to report anything he has found out.
Rospa Report – following the report Cllr Rickett has contacted Newby Leisure with regard to renewing some of the shackles and bushes.
Bends near North Lane – despite invitation no one from Highways would attend our meeting tonight. It seems they have gone as far as they can with this. One final course of action could be to involve the Road Safety Partnership.
Road between Village and Eskham - a reduction in the speed limit to 50 mph being looked at. The Road Safety Partnership will put the necessary cable in place to monitor speed of traffic.

75.15 Correspondence

Correspondence received since 13th October, 2015

• ELDC - Notification of Planning Committee meeting for application no N/118/01406/15-
Mr Plater, Church Lane;
• Furniture @ Work brochure;
• Clerk & Councils Direct – magazine;
• Broxap – brochure;
• ELDC – Notification regarding future funding and precepts 2016/17 – Clerk to explain implications.

Emails since last meeting, (13th October, 2015)

• 20.10.15 School Admissions – consultation;
• 26.10.15 Lee Gilbey, Community Consultation re Minster;
• 30.10.15 Louth & Horncastle Constituency Commission review;
• 3.11.15 Fraud Awareness Campaign;
• 4.11.15 Planning Consultation N/118/02088/15 – Mr G Kirwin, Willow Tree House.

• 4.11.15 Reply from Ian Swallow – Road Safety Partnership;
• 4.11.15 Reply from Graeme Butler – Lincs Highways.

76.15 – Financial
Financial report forwarded and agreed. One cheque signed.

670 –LCC–Speed signs- £40.00

77.15 – Planning

New building work in Littlefield Lane being monitored, Cllr McNally to forward PC answers to their questions.
Application no N118/01406/15 – Mr Plater, Church Lane refused by Planning Committee.
N/118/02088/15 – Mr G Kirwin, Willow Tree House.- Supported by PC.

78.15 - Damage Report - nothing

79.15 – Chairman’s Items – AWA covers standing proud at Eskham, Cllr Rickett to report. Marshchapel village sign has got graffiti on it, Roy Towle has offered to clean it up.

(Cllr Palmer arrived 8:03)

80.15 Cllr Palmer reported that the Area Committees were to be looked at more closely by Scrutiny Panel on 2nd December which is the deadline for a decision as to whether or not to keep them. Louth and Southern Area are not as well attended as Northern Area and the general feeling of our meeting was that the PC would like it to remain.
Birkbeck is now an Academy and the re-siting of the Youth Club is now an issue at North Somercotes. It is hoped it can somehow be incorporated into the Luke Walmsley Centre which currently supports the Football Club, although more was originally intended for it. Money will be available from ELDC and LCC.
Skegness was discussed at Council and the siting of the new Holiday Inn.
Cuts are expected to the Police, their time is being taken by domestic abuse incidents.

81.15 – AOB
Cllr Henderson reported that there would be a meeting next Tuesday (18th) with the parents and the Scouts District Commissioner with regard to opening up the Scout Group in Marshchapel. It is hoped it will start in January.

82.15 Date and Time of next meeting – Tuesday 8th December, 2015 at 7.00 pm. (Trust)
7:30 pm (Parish Council)

No further business – meeting closed at 8.25 pm.

  August 5, 2016, 12:19 pm


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