Minutes - Tuesday, 12th April, 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 12th April, 2016 at 7.30 pm

Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson (Vice Chair); B. Bealey, H. Mason, S. Osbourne, R Joynson and R. Cordy.

Apologies: R. Parkinson (working).

Also present: Cllr McNally (LCC & ELDC)

Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge.

Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

128.15 No declarations of interest on Agenda items.

129.15 Minutes of the previous meeting were moved and signed.

130.15 Matters Arising

Footway lights – Agenda item minutes of public meeting have been circulated and are on web site.
The Playing Field fence has now been completed and the new dog poo bin is on order. Clerk to enquire if we pay Mr Jacklin or the Insurance Company.

131.15 Cllr McNally
Cllr McNally discussed with the Councillors the recent revelation in the draft Local Plan that land off Hallgarth in Marshchapel is being put forward for a transition caravan site for travellers. ELDC are looking for possible sites for one permanent site and two transition sites. Marshchapel site is being proposed as a transition site for up to 5 units.
Councillors discussed this and were against the plan. The reasons put forward, at this stage were access to site, position of site (amongst elderly people in specified housing for the elderly), proximity to centre of village, flood risk of site, cost of upkeep of site for hardstanding, toilet facilities, waste facilities, etc. This is not a complete list of all the objections to the site.
Cllr McNally would be attending a meeting on Thursday 14th April where this would be discussed further, he will report back.
Also in the draft Local Plan is the proposal for 64 houses in the village over the next 15 years.

132.15 Correspondence

Correspondence received since 8th March, 2016

• ELDC Transformation Programme – Footway Lighting;
• Grant Thornton – Annual audit – 17th June, 2016;
• Notice of election of Police & Crime Commissioners Election
• ELDC – Funding of Town/Parish Council elections.

Emails forwarded since last meeting, (8th March, 2016)

• 09.03.16 – Community Speed Watch update;
• 22.03.16 – ELDC Transformation Programme;
• 03.04.16 – Footway Lights meeting – Parishes group;
• 06.04.16 – Draft minutes of public meeting held on 16th March;
• 07.04.16 – Planning – N118/00654/16 – Platers;

As more and more information is coming to the Parish Council by email, these are being forwarded onto Councillors to read. Unless specifically put on the Agenda they will not be discussed at a Parish Council meeting, although you will have the opportunity to raise concerns/questions under the item ‘Correspondence’ on the Agenda.

133.15 – Financial
Financial report forwarded and agreed.

134.15 Footway Lights

We are still trying to get an exact number of lights in the village, another list has been forwarded and this shows 56 lights. It was discussed whether we accept this number and base our financial calculations on this. Further discussion took place regarding the street lights and some Councillors are against the principle of paying for them, however, with regard to the question of whether the street lights should remain on or be turned off, there is a majority for the street lights to remain on.

135.15 - Dog Poo Bins

Clerk has been contacted by a few local residents who would like another dog poo bin. Sites suggested were Church Lane and Duckthorpe Lane. Councillors are prepared to purchase another bin provided the District Council Dog Warden empties them. Clerk to contact and find out.

136.15 – Grass Cutting at Waterloo Housing, Hallgarth site

We have received an email from resident at this site regarding the state of the grass. Last year the PC and Cllr Palmer intervened to get the grass cut after Waterloo Housing refused to do it. It is needing cutting again now and no-one seems to be doing it. The residents say that they are being charged for this and we need to see a copy of this information. In the meantime, Cllr McNally has agreed to look into the matter again and see what is going on.

(Cllr McNally left at 8:34)

137.15 – Planning
N/118/00093/16 – Mr S Smith. Change of use. Application withdrawn.
N/118/00068/16 – 16 Plumtree Drive. Advice only

138.15 – Chairman’s Items – Confidential (see separate sheet)

139.15 – AOB
Cllr Joynson reported a problem with rats near Fieldsend Terrace. This was discussed and agreed in principle to spend up to £100 using the services of the pest controller. Proposed by Cllr Joynson, seconded Cllr Rickett.

Cllr Henderson reported that the format of the Area meeting had changed and she had found it much improved, it was more controlled and discussion and grievances were approached in a better way.

140.15 Date and Time of next meeting – Tuesday 10th May, 2016 at 7.00 pm. (Trust) followed by Annual Parish Meeting, Annual Parish Council Meeting and Ordinary meeting.

No further business meeting closed at 9:04 pm














  August 5, 2016, 1:41 pm


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