Minutes - Tuesday, 15th December, 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 15th December, 2015 at 7.15 pm

Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson (Vice Chair); B. Bealey, H. Mason, S. Osbourne, R. Cordy and R. Joynson.

Apologies: R Parkinson (work commitments). Cllr McNally (ELDC & LCC).
Also present: Cllr Palmer (ELDC)
Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge

One member of the public present.

83.15 No declarations of interest

84.15 Minutes of the previous meeting were moved and signed.

85.15 Matters Arising

Hedge - Still no reply from LCC regarding hedge, Cllr McNally not present to report anything he has found out.
Rospa Report – Newby Leisure to renew some of the shackles and bushes. Whereabouts of Rospa report questioned, it was suggested Cllr Parkinson took it to read after last meeting.
Road between Village and Eskham - nothing further to report from Road Safety Partnership yet. Clerk to ask for report.

86.15 Report from member of public – Mr. Matt Whall regarding new Scouting Movement

Mr Whall reported that arrangements were progressing well, although at the moment there are more adults than children but there are enough children to start up. It is open to boys and girls and there are 6 in the Beaver 6-8 age group; 6 Cubs 8-11 years old and 2 Scouts 11-14 with enough leaders, all being CRB checked at the moment. It is hoped the first meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd February in the Village Hall. Funding has been given by local Councillors, LCC, Louth and Scouting Headquarters.
Mr Whall informed meeting he would return with a further update in the spring. (7.32)

87.15 Cllr Palmer

Cllr Palmer spoke about the grass cutting in Hallgarth which could be a problem again in the summer, he would, however, continue to try and sort it out but it could end up being a cost to the PC or the residents in the future.
Northern Area meetings have been stopped and a new type of meeting is being looked into which will encumber larger areas.
The new hotel site in Skegness is going ahead probably Premier Inn.
Salting routes have been published and Cllr Palmer will push for Firebeacon to be put on. Clerk to write too.

88.15 Correspondence

Correspondence received since 10th November, 2015

• Furniture at work brochure;
• Lloyds Bank – Changed to Financial Compensation Scheme Limit and withdrawal of payment instructions by fax;
• LALA Subscription fees 2016/17;
• ELDC – Transformation Programme – Footway Lighting;**
• ELDC – Area Committee Meetings – cancelled;
• ELDC – Planning App N/118/01737/15 – going to Committee.

Emails since last meeting, (10th November, 2015)

• 19.11.15 - Planning – N/118/01406/15 – Mr Plater – refused.
• 20.11.15 - Lincolnshire Minerals and Local Waste Plan Consultation Part 1;
• 26.11.15 - Planning - N/118/01840 – Greyhound Inn - Full permission;
• 27.11.15 - Planning N/118/02301/15 – Grove Cottage – Consultation;
• 4.12.15 - Lincolnshire Minerals and Local Waste Plan Consultation Part 2 Site plan;
• 8.12.15 - Northern Area Meeting cancellation;
• 10.12.15 - Planning N/118/02088 – Mr Kirwin - Full permission ;
• 11.12.15 - Planning – N/118/01737/15 – Mr Lingard – Permission given, permitted development withheld.

** Footway lighting discussed with Cllr Palmer. Clerk had rough costings to look at of approximately 42 lights in Marshchapel costing at least £50 each per year to run, which ELDC were looking at making responsibility of Parish Council.
PC objecting to having this responsibility passed on and Cllr Palmer to make representations highlighting our objections and observations which included:
Possibility of sensors on lights; LED lights; ELDC have duty of care; challenge for cheaper tariffs; risks involved with no lights in country/rural areas (falling into dykes); are ELDC targeting just villages or will towns be affected as well; increased crime rate.
(Cllr Palmer left at 8.19)
89.15 – Financial
Financial report forwarded and agreed. Two cheques signed.
671 – P. Plumridge – Wages
672 – HM Customs & Rev - PAYE

90.15 – Planning
N/118/02301/15 – Grove Cottage – Consultation – Cllrs to email Clerk.
N/118/01737/15 – Mr Lingard – Permission given, permitted development withheld. It was commented on that although this was called in on behalf of neighbours nobody attended meeting to speak.
Cllr Rickett gave Clerk copies of his intended plans for Littlefield Lane and offered Cllrs opportunity to inspect them.

91.15 – Playing Field

Comments have been noted about the dog mess on the Playing Field again and it was discussed and considered whether we should be looking at banning them on the Playing Field site.
Various options were talked about including erecting a sign to inform residents we would seriously reconsider the use of the site by dog walkers if this persisted.

92.15 - Damage Report – white fence over big drain in Duckthorpe and West End damaged and falling down, in need of repair/replacement.

93.15 – Chairman’s Items – Would like to discuss and approach Governors at school with regard to extending yellow zig zag lines outside school.

94.15 – AOB
Footpath 27 is overgrown and needs reporting to Footpath Officer (if there is still one).
Notice Board needs sorting and painting.
Pot hole outside Peterscroft in Littlefield Land.
Drains by phone box and in Littlefield Lane need clearing.
Flood awareness plans in force with Environment Agency.

95.15 Date and Time of next meeting – Tuesday 12th January, 2016 at 7.00 pm. (Trust)
7:30 pm (Parish Council)
Precept will be set at January meeting.

No further business – meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

  August 5, 2016, 12:20 pm


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