Minutes - Tuesday, 8th September, 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 8th September, 2015 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson (Vice Chair); R. Parkinson, R.Joynson,
S. Osbourne, H. Mason and R. Cordy.

Apologies: B. Bealey (on holiday)
Also present: Cllr Palmer (ELDC)
Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge

Meeting started slightly early as Cllr. Palmer present.

48.15 Cllr Palmer asked if we had decided about our grant money and was informed it was on the Agenda for discussion later.
He informed the Councillors that from 1st November, 2015 Birkbeck would become an Academy, joining up with Toll Bar. There would be a lot of Canadian teachers employed and the new Head Teacher would be Martin Brown. There were lots of plans and lots of money had been spent on improving the school.
LCC have been requested to take in refugees in the area. Cllr Palmer shared his reasons for his vote.
There is an ongoing problem with badger baiting, with lots of badger corpses being left at the side of the road so they look like road traffic accident victims.
Mrs. Tillett had contacted Cllr Palmer about calling in the Platers planning application and this has been done.

49.15 Minutes of the previous meeting were moved and signed.
An amendment was noted to item 33.15. We received an email from N. Cotes PC in March and Clerk replied stating that we have already committed to sharing with 2 other Parishes. Cllrs were forwarded copy emails, 13/14.03.2015;

50.15 Cllr Rickett declared an prejudicial interest in two planning applications – N/118/01528/15 Sunnyside, Eskham on land backing on to his in-laws and N/118/01470/15 – land to E of Littlefield Lane.

51.15 Matters Arising

Hedge - Clerk has contacted LCC with regard to asking them if they could help with cutting hedge back as Playing Field is part of ‘chance to share’. Nothing heard from them yet, Clerk to contact again.
The question was asked if the owners of the properties had neglected their duties in not keeping their side of the hedge trimmed since it is so overgrown.

Grant money – Cllr Palmer/McNally. No one has been able to come up with a suggestion but Cllr Henderson stated that her husband is in the middle of trying to get a Scout group running in Marshchapel. Since this will benefit both boys and girls it was discussed and Cllr Palmer confirmed it would be eligible. It was proposed by Cllr Parkinson and seconded by Cllr Rickett that the £500 grant money goes to starting up a Scout Group. Clerk to obtain necessary forms from Ann Good at ELDC.

Grass cutting – Hallgarth – It was confirmed that a service charge had been paid for grass cutting to Waterloo Homes and if this wasn’t going to happen it needs to be refunded. However, Cllr Palmer has offered to look into this further and find out exactly why the grass cutting is not taking place. He will report back to the Clerk as soon as he finds out.

52.15 Correspondence

Correspondence received since 14th July 2015

• ELDC – Help us to reduce Fraud and Error in Welfare System;
• Lloyds bank – lots of correspondence regarding mandate signatories;
• Lincs2Advice – Flyer;
• ELDC – Evolving area committees; (boundary’s acceptable)
• Furniture at Work Brochure;
• Clerk and Councils Direct magazine;
• Grant Thornton- confirmation of successful audit;
• Broxap litter and recycling units – Autumn/Winter brochure;
• Smart Wind – DONG energy - Hornsea (Round 3 Zone 4) Offshore wind farm;
• Lloyds Bank – Confirmation of instruction regarding bank mandate.

Emails since last meeting, (14th July, 2015)

• 16.7.15 - Planning perm granted N/118/01001/15 – Bungalow, Littlefield Lane;
• 21.7.15 – M. Skinner ref grass cutting in Hallgarth (replied to & cc to D. McNally)
• 28.7.15 – Community Lincs AGM – 23rd September, 2015;
• 1.8.15 – Comments from Dieter Nelson re Platers Application;
• 2.8.15 – Notification of N118/01406/15 – Platers;
• 03.8.15 – Communication from Mrs Tillett ref Platers;
• 7.8.15 - John Loomes, Mins of Extraordinary meeting and notification of next meeting 15.9.15 (wind turbines)
• 11.8.15 – B. Ramsden – Dog issues; ACTION (discussed and Dog Warden to be asked to visit again).
• 18.8.15 – Notification of Planning N/118/05127/15 - Grove Cottage;
• Contact with WMT (War Memorials Trust); ACTION –(Clerk to follow up)
• Northern Area Minutes;
• Notification of N/118/01528/15 – Sunnyside, Eskham;
• Notification of N/118/01470/15 – Land to E of Littlefield Lane;
• Notification of Enforcement 118/00673/15/N – Grove Cottage;

53.15 – Financial
Financial report forwarded and agreed. Three cheques signed.

664 – P P|lumridge – Wages
665 – HM Customs & Rev (PAYE)
666 – Grant Thornton - £120.00 – Audit Fee

54.15 – Planning
N/118/05127/15 - Grove Cottage; discussed and supported.
(Cllr Rickett took no part in next two items)
Cllr Henderson took Chair.

N/118/01528/15 – Sunnyside, Eskham; discussed and supported.

N/118/01470/15 – Land to E of Littlefield Lane; discussed and supported.

55.15 - Damage Report
The road sign for Victoria Close has finally been repaired.

56.15 Police Forum Report
Two Councillors attended the Police Forum meeting. One item of interest was an electronic security light that looks like a TV is on in a room. There are also ongoing discussions about the safety on the A16 particularly near the Halfway House road junctions at North Thoresby.
Toll Bar roundabout has been completed following alterations for the wind turbine lorries.
The problem with vehicles parking on the footpath was raised and there should soon be more police vehicles patrolling the village.
The next Police Forum meeting is in Grainthorpe Village Hall on 14th October.

57.15 – Chairman’s Items - None

58.15 AOB

The 30 mph speed limit signs are getting obscured at the north end of the village.
Clerk to also find out why we have heard nothing more about brackets for speed signs.

59.15 Date and Time of next meeting

Tuesday 13th October, 2015 at 7.00 pm. (Trust)
7:30 pm (Parish Council)

Cllr Parkinson has given his apologies for the next meeting as he is away on holiday.

No further business – meeting closed at 8.40 pm.

  August 5, 2016, 11:54 am


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