Minutes - Tuesday 12th July, 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 12th July,  2016 at 7.00 pm


Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  H. Mason, R Cordy,  S. Osbourne , R. Parkinson, R Bealey and R. Joynson

 Apologies: C. Henderson (holiday); Cllr D McNally (LCC & ELDC).

 Also present: 10 members of the public, signatures on file

                      PCSO Justin Mekkaoui

 Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 32.16 – Members of the Public

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the meeting, he assumed to members of the public were there to comment on the proposed transition site.

 The Residents Group updated us on the action they had taken so far, the petitions were being taken round the village and most people are signing them. It is hoped to collect 500 signatures.  Residents were being encouraged to write in to ELDC with their objections.

 The Chair stated the position the PC were now in. We have received official notification and would submit our objections to ELDC on the response form.  The Chair wanted to obtain the views of Inspector Myszczyszyn at Louth Police Station, since they would have responsibility for the area.

 One member of the public asked if our comments could be emailed to him when we forwarded them to ELDC. Clerk to do this.

 The other matter to be discussed was the turning off of the footway lights. A comment was made that there was nothing in the minutes about the PC’s current position but it was pointed out that it was minuted under item 15.16 in the June minutes and this is still the position. We have received some updated information, this week, from ELDC but are still waiting for more.  There was again some discussion about the cost of replacing lights in the future but we can only go on the information we have been given.  It was commented on that no-one has considered what would happen to the lights if they were turned off and remained in situ. 

(Members of the public left at 8:19 pm)

 33.16 – Police Report

 PCSO Justin Mekkaoui gave a breakdown of activity since 11th June.  There have been 6 incidents.

2 suspicious activity; 1 inconsiderate behaviour, 1 traffic offence, 1 shouting and swearing and 1 traffic collision.

Marshchapel and N. Cotes are relatively quiet at the moment.

North Thoresby and Tetney have had quite a few break-ins to outbuildings and shed targeting lawn mowers, bikes and quads etc. There is an operation ongoing at the moment.

People are constantly being reminded to ring through anything suspicious and if possible to get vehicle registration numbers.

 The Community Speedwatch was discussed and alternative locations were put forward but PCSO Mekkaoui pointed out that it is difficult to move locations since risk assessments need to be carried out at all locations and they like to particularly taken the most vulnerable areas, i.e. the school.  The locations put forward by PC are unlikely to be used because of the risk involved.  It was suggested we approach Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership for an Archer Survey again and indicate where we would like the equipment located.

(PCSO Mekkaoui left at 8:42 pm)

 3416 Declaration of Interests : Cllr Osbourne declared and interest in the item on the local plan as one of the proposed sites in right next to her property.

 35.16 Minutes of the previous two meetings were moved and signed. (Minutes of the additional meeting held on 5th July were available).

 36.16 Matters Arising

Cllr Joynson offered his apologies for the meeting on 5th July,  he completely forgot.

Street Lights – As stated earlier (item 32.16) were are still awaiting further information and updates.

Dogs on Playing Field – nothing seems to be forthcoming about this, this item will be put on hold for the time being.

Speed Brackets – Cllrs Rickett and Parkinson will do this when they have an opportunity.

Hallgarth Grass – Digs have been requested to cut this once and to make sure all the grass cuttings are collected when it is done. It is hoped residents will then take responsibility for it.

War Memorial – a quote has been received and Cllrs were quite happy with main quote, however, there were a couple of things the Clerk needed to clarify before we can continue. This will be done and Cllrs will be contacted by email between meetings for approval or otherwise to continue.

 37.16 – Financial

An up to date financial report has been forwarded to all Councillors, there were no questions.

 One cheque was signed:

690 – P. Plumridge – ref expenses - £120.00

 38.16 – Correspondence

 Clerks & Councils Direct Mag.;

  • Furniture at work brochure;
  • The Pensions Regulator;
  • ELDC Consultation on Draft Local Plan. (Agenda Item)

 Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (12th June, 2016)

  •  15.6.16 -       Budget and Service reductions from Cllr McNally;
  • 20.6.16 -       Lincs Police Announcement;
  • 20.6.16 – Notification of Inspection of Play Area;
  • 22.6.16 – ELDC Housing Target as part of Local Plan;
  • 22.6.16 – Receipt of Annual Return;
  • 27.6.16 – Collaboration on Street Lighting;
  • 29.6.16 – Planning Application N/118/10231/16
  • 6.7.16 – Community Vacancy;
  • 6.7.16 – TGO’s new functional training and A4A Grants;
  • 6.7.16 – Area Forum Meetings – 26.Sept, 7-7 London Road Sports Pavilion.

 39.16 - Local Plan

 The PC have had discussions on the proposed transition site but there does also need to be discussion on the whole of the proposed local plan. One further comment on the transition site was that it should be noted that ELDC turned down an application for a tourist caravan site on Lowgate a few years ago.

 The land put forward for development was discussed and it was felt that two areas MAR 217 and MAR 304 were sites that were far too large with very difficult access.  We have been assured in the past that Mill Lane would not be used for any more access due to the danger of the junction with Sea Dyke Way.  Both these sites have partial flood risk.  We are not against development but it needs to be small and in keeping.

 The brown field site MAR 301 at Rookery Farm, is, we feel, still a very suitable site for development. Recently the old Estate Office has been renovated and it is felt that the site, as a whole, could be used if the planners gave suitable indications as to what they wanted done.  We want this site to be re-considered.

 Clerk to fill in on line form and email out to Cllrs for comments and further submissions. If needed an extra meeting will be called in August to finalise our comments for the 8th August deadline.  It was agreed this could be on 2nd August.

 40.16 - Village Hall Trustees

Mr Mossop recently contacted the clerk with regard to the Trustees at the Village Hall. At present Cllr Osbourne and Mrs Plumridge are Trustees, having both previously been Committee members.  Both are happy to remain Trustees, the PC is happy with this arrangement.

 41.16 Damage Report – None

 42.16 - Planning

N/118/10231/16 – No objections

43. 16 – Chairman’s Items

New web site, this was discussed and work is in hand.

 44.16 – AOB

Cllr Parkinson reported that he intended to paint the Parish Council notice board and the telephone box sometime over the summer.

 45.16 Date and Time of next meetings A provisional date of Tuesday 2nd August has been agreed if a meeting is needed in August.

Tuesday 13th September, 7:00 for Trust and 7:30 for Parish Council.

No further business, meeting closed at 9:20 pm





  August 19, 2016, 5:10 pm


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