Minutes - Tuesday 14th June, 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 14th June, 2016 at 7.30 pm

Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair), C. Henderson (Vice Chair); B. Bealey, H. Mason, R Joynson, R Cordy, S. Osbourne and R. Parkinson

Apologies: R. Palmer (ELDC)

Also present: Cllr McNally (LCC & ELDC), & members of the public, (names on file).

Clerk: Mrs P. Plumridge.

15.16 Cllr Rickett opened the meeting and welcomed the many members of the public present. The public were present to discuss the proposed traveller site in Hallgarth.

Cllr Rickett read out a statement on behalf of the PC:

You may have seen in the Louth Leader that Marshchapel is on the list for a proposed Traveller Site.
We are now aware of this matter in greater detail, however the consultation period does not start until 24th June when full details will be presented to us. A Residents Group has been set up and a detailed letter has already been sent in by them to ELDC objecting in strong terms. They are also organising a petition for residents to sign.
We would encourage members of the public to write their own letters of objection but it is imperative they are not sent until after 27th June and must be for planning reasons.
Marshchapel Parish Council will object and protest to this in the most robust manner possible. We are engaged with our District Councillors on this matter.

The Residents Group set up by Mr Burgess and Mrs Houghton has met and divided up the village for volunteers to collect signatures for the petition, they hope to have this completed by 20th July.
A statement has been prepared for members of the public.
The site was discussed and some objections will be:
• it is on a flood risk area;
• it will need hard standing and toilets, if ELDC want to turn off street lighting how can they possibly afford this;
• it is close to a settled community, with a new build estate specifically for elderly people;
• there is no regular public transport service;

Street Lights
The current situation regarding the street lights was discussed. No decision has yet been made by the Parish Council as we are still awaiting further information.
The figures we have been quoted by ELDC have been disputed by a member of the public.
The PC will wait for a further response from ELDC.
(Members of the public left at 8.14pm)

16.16 Cllr McNally
Cllr McNally stressed the need for the PC to respond to the whole of the local plan, not just the travellers site.

Devolution is out for consultation too.
The CC will not take on the grass cutting at Hallgarth but Waterloo have tentatively suggested they could quote a price for the residents of approx. £1 per week per house if they looked at taking it on.
Cllr McNally to email Clerk this information.
The budget has been reduced in other areas – road side grass cutting has been reduced to 2 from 3 times per year; weed control down to once a year; drainage will be monitored; technical support has been reduced and this is reflected in their response time and the team that looked after public rights of way has been reduced.
(Cllr McNally left at 8:37 pm)

17.16 Cllr Rickett declared an interest in planning application no: N/118/00093/16
No one else declared any interests.

18.16 Minutes of the previous meeting were moved and signed.

19.16 Matters Arising
No further comments regarding dogs on the Playing Field

20.16 – Financial
The Annual Governance Statement 2015/16 was read, agreed and signed.
The Accounting statements 2015/16 were signed.
LALC pay increase recommendations were proposed by Cllr Osbourne and seconded by Cllr Rickett
Three cheques signed

687 – P. Plumridge - Wages
688 – HMRC - PAYE
689 – Unipart Dorman - £318.00 – speed reduction brackets

21.16 - Correspondence
Correspondence received since 10th May 2016

• Clerks & Councils Direct Mag.;
• Glasdon Brochure;
• Quote from Maven- £442.94; (quote from Community Ins Services already accepted);
• Centenary Fields – Fields in Trust - WW1 Centenary;
• Poster – free central heating for homes;
• Schedule and certificate from Community Lincs Insurance Services;
• Electoral Review of Lincolnshire – Further limited consultation;
• Notice of Poll & Situation of Polling Stations EU Referendum – 23.06.16
• Lloyds Bank – changes and updates to business account;
• Westcotec – Portable speed signs, designed exclusively for Community Use, - Flyer;
• LALC News;
• ELDC – Transformation Programme – Footway Lighting, extension of time to 1st July;
• HAGS – Outdoor Play equipment – brochure.

Emails forwarded since last meeting, (10th May, 2016)

• 27.5.16 – Notification of Adoption, Lincolnshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan Core Strategy and Development Management Policies;
• 1.6.16 - Risk Assessment & Standing Orders;
• 5.6.16 – Planning Consultation N/118/01141/16 – Littlefield Lane;
• 6.6.16 - Skegness Tower Gardens Pavilion – Have Your Say;
• 6.6.16 – Devolution Report;
• 8.6.16 – Various information regarding collaboration on Street Lights;
• 9.6.16 – Planning Consultation – N/118/01231/16 – Chicken Ranch;
• 10.6.16 – Dog Waste/Litter Bin feedback.

22.16 Risk Assessment & Standing Orders

The Standing Orders and Risk Assessment have been updated. All Councillors have been forwarded copies with the amendments to the Risk Assessment highlighted

Amendments included two Councillors and/or Clerk to sign cheques; Council approval given or obtained to all payments, allotment rental invoiced and paid annually and all Council records now kept on a separate hard drive, kept with laptop.

Amendments proposed by Cllr Osbourne and seconded by Cllr Parkinson.

23.16 War Memorial
Clerk has obtained a quote for cleaning War Memorial. Cllr were quite happy with quote but needed a firm price for the cost of the lettering. Clerk to follow up.

24.16 Damage Report – None

25.16 - Planning
Cllr Henderson took Chair, due to Chair – Cllr Rickett declaring an interest. Cllr Rickett left room.

N/118/01141/16 – Littlefield Lane; - PC have no objections and support application.
N/118/01231/16 – Chicken Ranch – PC have no objections to this application.

26.16 – Chairman’s Items
Cllr Rickett returned to Chair
Confidential minutes

27.16 – AOB
Cllr Henderson reported Footpath 27 has been sorted out.

28.16 Date and Time of next meetings – Tuesday 12th July followed by Tuesday 13th September, 2016 at 7.00 pm. (Trust) followed by Parish Council Meeting at 7.30 pm. Please note a recess is planned for August but it could well be necessary to call a meeting during the first week of August.

No further business meeting closed at 9:18 pm

  August 5, 2016, 1:49 pm


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