Minutes 10th January 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 10th  January,  2017 at 7.15 pm

  Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  C Henderson,  H. Mason, R. Bealey,  R. Cordy  and                 R. Joynson.

Apologies: R. Parkinson (work);  S. Osbourne (ill). 

                   Cllr D. McNally (ELDC & LCC) (working away).

Also present: Cllr. Palmer (ELDC )

 Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 98.16 – Declaration of Interests

Cllr Henderson reported that she has recently been appointed as a Church Warden.

 99.16 – Minutes

 The minutes were moved and signed.

 100.16 – Matters Arising

 Speed Brackets – not done yet.

Rospa Report – repairs to play equipment have now been completed, invoice to be paid.

Pavilion – April agenda.

Phone Box – confirmation has now been received.

Playing Field - Quotes for tree pruning on perimeter – not yet obtained

 101.16 Cllr Palmer

 Cllr Palmer was welcomed to the meeting after his recent spell of ill health and reported that he was now on the mend.

Unfortunately he missed a recent meeting at ELDC on the National Health Service and problems at A & E.

He was asked to investigate the situation with regard to street lights on the A16 between Holton Le Clay and N Thoresby as they seem to be off even at major junctions and particularly near the new ‘Murphy’ compound.

The green bin charge from £25 to £40 is a big jump.

Street lights out on Sea Dyke Way from 10.30 pm

 102.16 – Financial

Financial report has been forwarded, 2 cheques to sign.

 705 – Digs – grass cutting - £912.00

706 – Newby Leisure - £602.40

 704 -   signed between meetings, £30 donation to Lincolnshire Air Ambulance in memory of former Cllr. Mrs Marie Dalton who recently died.


The precept was discussed. Clerk prepared and circulated figures reflecting state of accounts as perceived by year end and cost of admin, grants etc that could be required for year 2017/18.  Councillors discussed and reviewed figures and agreed that precept should remain the same as last year, although some costs will increase the PC will cover them from their other income.  Precept requested to be £11,200. Cllr Rickett proposed, Cllr Mason seconded, unanimous decision, all in favour.

 103.16 - Correspondence

 Correspondence received since 14th December, 2016                                          

  • Clerks & Council Direct;
  • LALC news;

Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (14th December, 2016)

  • 16.12.16 - Street lighting transformation project update;
  • 16.12.16 – Consultation letter regarding trees with TPO’s at Platers;
  • 16.12.16 – Highways grass cutting;
  • 20.12.16 – Comments forwarded by Cllr McNally re local plan;
  • 22.12.16 - England Coast Path – Mablethorpe to Humber Bridge, drop in sessions. 30th/31st Jan.;
  • 4.1.17 - Town and Parish e-newsletter;
  • 5.1.17 – Town and Parish e-newsletter (transformation prog);

    104.16 – Damage Report - none

 105.16 – Planning

 Comments regarding TPO’s returned to ELDC, Cllrs somewhat surprised that trees with TPO’s a now seemingly in the way of a proposed development but that this wasn’t mentioned in the original application

 106.16 – Chairman’s Items

 Chairman asked if there were any areas in which Councillors felt we could do better. All present felt confident we were doing all that we could.

Chairman indicated that it has been suggested that we could publish our Agenda before our meeting, something we have not ever done to date but Councillors agreed it could be useful, although as we are a pro-active and re-active Council, if we published an Agenda before a meeting it could be subject to changes and additions. Draft Agenda will be published along with the minutes on the web site.

 107.16 – AOB - None

 108.16 Date and Time of Next Meeting

 Tuesday 7th February, 2017 – 7-00 pm Trust Meeting,  7-30 Parish Council Meeting. 

No further business, meeting closed at 8.23 pm

  January 29, 2017, 4:56 pm


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