Minutes 11th October, 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 11th October,  2016 at 7.30 pm

 Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  C Henderson,  H. Mason, R. Bealey.

 Apologies: R. Cordy (work),  R. Joynson (on holiday),  R. Parkinson (on holiday),                      S. Osbourne (no reason given).

 Other apologies: Cllr Palmer (ELDC)

 Also present: PCSO J. Mekkaoui ; Cllr McNally  (LCC & ELDC) & 1 member of public

 Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 59.16 – Declaration of Interests - None

 6016 – Minutes

 The minutes were moved and

  1. 61.16 – Matters Arising

 Footway Lights – Everyone was delighted that the footway lights were to remain on.  It would seem that the concerted effort of all the local Parish Councils and the residents have ensured that the Councillors at ELDC took the correct decision.

Traveller Site – Again, everyone was delighted with the result and it would appear that the Marshchapel site was withdrawn because of the concern over the amount of traffic movement that would be generated. It was noted that many people had posted their thanks on Facebook.

Speed Brackets – not done yet.

Tree on Playing Field – as we have now, unfortunately, received notification that the football club has officially folded, this is no longer a problem.

Rospa Report – An appointment has been made with Newby Leisure to come and assess the repairs required in the report.

War Memorial Railings – The Parish Councillors are very happy with the final renovations to the War Memorial and feel that it is now fitting memorial for the village.

 62.16 – Financial

The audit has been successfully concluded and there was just one item that needed to be drawn to the attention of the Parish Councillors.

Order of signing the Annual governance statement and Accounting statements. – It was noted that the Parish Council had approved and signed these on the same day and under the same minute reference. The Account and Audit Regulations 2015 stipulate that the Annual Governance Statement must be considered and approved before the Accounting statement and in future the Parish Councils minute references should clearly demonstrate that.

 One cheque signed - £390 – Barry Marsh Decorators Ltd. – War Memorial Railings

 Poppy wreath donation - £35.00 – proposed H. Mason, seconded B. Bealey, all in favour.

Remembrance Sunday is 13th November, it was suggested maybe the school children could be encouraged to attend.  It would appear that the Cubs/Scouts are going to.

 63.16 – PCSO Mekkaoui

It was reported that there had been 10 incidents since our last meeting.

1 shed burglary – motorbike stolen;

1 theft from vehicle;

3 incidents involving animals (1 loose horse);

3 suspicious circumstances – 1 involving the stolen bike, 1 a snooper);

1 wildlife incident (dead badger);

1 lost/found property

 It still seems that the burglars are targeting sheds and garages not dwellings. It is important not to leave things on display.

PCSO Mekkaoui emphasised to need for people to sign up to Lincs Alert, there are still only 30/40 members in Marshchapel.

 (PC Mekkaoui left at 7:45pm)

 64.16 – Cllr McNally

Cllr McNally re-iterated the successful conclusion with regard to the footway lights and the traveler site.

The main road has now been re-opened but needs the 30 mph speed limit painting back on it, it is very quiet.

There has been some fly tipping on Sheepmarsh Lane, asbestos sheeting, which ELDC are in the process of clearing.

The devolution meeting is tomorrow at ELDC a decision will be taken.

An enforcement issue, brought to the attention of the Clerk by a member of the public, had been passed on the Cllr McNally and was being dealt with.

65.16 - Correspondence

 Correspondence received since 11th September, 2016                                          

  • Furniture @work brochure;
  • Glasdon brochure;
  • HAGS – get active with NRG – Play equipment;
  • Grant Thornton – audit conclusion;

 Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (11th September, 2016)

  • 19.9.16 - ELDC Planning – N/118/01141/16 – Rickett – passed;
  • 20.9.16 - ELDC Enforcement – 118/01083/16/N – Smith;
  • 22.9.16 - ELDC Planning – N/118/01919/16 – Lingard – change of use;
  • 30.9.16 - Notification of Executive Committee decision regarding footway lights;
  • 3.10.16 - Weekly email News Digest;
  • 6.10.16 - Lincs NHS – Over the counter medicines management – public consultation 4.10.16 – 18.11.16


66.16 – Phone Box

This matter was discussed and it was decided to discuss it further at our next meeting when more Councillors present.

 67.16 – Playing Field

 Only one quote has been received back for the fencing repairs. Karl Graham has chosen not to quote, Digs have not replied and TE Jacklin has given a quote. Since it is quite a small matter it was proposed we accept TE Jacklins quote and get the fencing repaired. – Proposed H. Mason, seconded C. Henderson, all in favour.


Due to the football club finishing , the pavilion would need to be addressed. Mr Cooper says that North Cotes have expressed an interest and he is following this up.

The fees that have not yet been paid for this year will be forwarded as soon as all players have paid their fines.

 68.16 – Damage Report - None

 69.16 - Planning

 N/118/01919/16 – Lingard – change of use; Supported after email consultation.

 70.16 – Chairman’s Items

 Following the decision regarding the travellers site, enquiries have been made regarding purchasing the land at Hallgarth, however, we have been told that this land is not for sale and could be used for more housing at a later date. It was agreed, however, that we wanted a written request to go the ELDC of our willingness to purchase this land, if it ever comes up for sale.

71.16 – AOB

 Cllr Henderson reported that the Area meeting was not very well attended and the format was very informal and not very successful. It seems that this was the view of most of the people who attended.

 72.16 Date and Time of Next Meeting

 Tuesday 8th November – 7-00 pm Trust Meeting, 7-30 Parish Council Meeting.

No further business, meeting closed at 8.27 pm

  October 17, 2016, 5:19 pm


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