Minutes 13th September, 2016

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Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 13th September,  2016 at 7.30 pm

 Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  C Henderson, H. Mason, S. Osbourne , R. Parkinson, and R. Joynson

 Apologies: None

 Also present: PC Precious; Cllr McNally and Cllr Palmer

 Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 46.16 – PC Precious

 The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed everyone back after the recess.

 PC Precious was here to introduce himself and stated that he had recently taken over from PC Ian Clark, in July and wanted to get to know the people in the area and integrate into the community

he was now responsible for. He gave a resume of his background and was very enthusiastic about the task ahead.

 He reported a recently operation had been very successful and had resulted in a curfew being imposed on an individual in Grimsby and a lot of the problems have since ceased.

There were 13 incidents in Marshchapel since 12th July:

 1 theft at juvenile party; 3 domestic;  1 concern for welfare;  1 missing person;  2 suspicious vehicles;  2 incidents of hare coursing;  1 road traffic offense and 2 dangerous driving.

There was nothing significant to report from any of these except that 3 people have been arrested in connection with hare coursing.

PC Precious did bring to our attention Lincolnshire Alert, which has 34 members at present and can be signed up to on line.

 PC Precious again re-iterated that anyone who sees anything suspicious should report it, something that may seem insignificant will be filed and could prove useful in the future. Anyone who does ring in should make sure that they get an incident number.  Any incidents involving vehicles;  it is really useful to have the registration number.  Lincolnshire is quite well covered with number plate recognition cameras which really help in the fight against crime.

He also warned against telephone scams, never give out bank details over the phone.

Dangerous driving within the village should also be reported.

 Finally, the Chair, Cllr Rickett wanted to emphasise to PC Precious our concerns over the proposed traveller transition site in that it was proposed to have 5 units sited but with family units this could be as many as 15 on site, we felt this point was not being emphasised to the Police by ELDC and would like it passed on to Inspector Myszczyszyn.  PC Precious said he would do this.

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 PC Precious was thanked for his time and for coming to the meeting and we look forward to working with him in the years ahead.

 (PC Precious left meeting at 7-55)

47.16 – Cllr Palmer

 Cllr Palmer apologised for missing the last two meetings due to ill health.

 There was not a lot to report, EL Councillors have had a recess but he did report that the Overview Committee would be meeting on 28th September to make a decision about the footway lights.

 He was delighted to report that The Birkbeck Academy had had their best results ever with a lot more passes this year. Not A*, A’s and B’s  but good GCE level passes.  This is particular good after the school was put in special measures and has given them a positive way forward.  There is a new set of Governors in place and it is being led very professionally under the Toll Bar Academy guidance.

 They look forward to receiving more local students in the coming years.

 Cllr McNally

 It was reported that the Boundary Commission had made their final recommendations with a few minor alterations being made in our area.

 LCC have made the decision to switch some of their street lights off but those near hazards, junctions, speed bumps and vulnerable people would remain on. Some street lights would also be switch off between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 am.

 ELDC footway lights switching on or off, will be decided at the Overview Committee meeting on 28th September.

 There will be an extra ordinary meeting on 2nd November to decide on the Local Plan, Cllr McNally is not sure yet whether a decision on the travellers sites will be taken at that meeting or not but he will find out and let us know. There is also a travelers site planned at Burgh le Marsh and a decision on this will be taken on Thursday, this could affect the outcome for Marshchapel.

 (Cllr Palmer left meeting at 8.25; Cllr McNally remained)


48.16 – Declaration of Interests - None

49.16  – Minutes

 The minutes were moved and signed.

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50.16 – Matters Arising

 Speed Brackets – not done yet.

Meeting Room re-decoration – Cllrs had approved this by email between meetings.

51.16 – Financial

 An up to date report had been forwarded to all Councillors, there were no questions.

 Seven cheques were signed.


91 -  Independent Memorial Inspection - £2009.04

92 – B Marsh - £150 – Meeting Room re-decoration

93 – P Plumridge – Wages

94 – HMRC – PAYE

95 – St Mary’s Church - £800.00

96 – Marshchapel Village Hall - £1300.00

97 – Playsafety Ltd – Rospa Report - £84.00


 A quote  for £390 to refurbish the War Memorial railings was discussed and agreed by Cllrs.

Proposed Cllr. Parkinson; seconded Cllr. Joynson.

 Cllrs were delighted with the work carried out by Mr Sills in refurbishing the War Memorial and were impressed with the way that it now looks.

52.16 - Correspondence

 Correspondence received since 12th July 2016                                          

  •  LCC Advance notification of Road Improvements A1031 Eskham 5th Sept for 4 weeks, Monday to Friday 7pm – 6 am Road Closure;
  • LALC news and Annual Report;
  • ELDC – Notification of planning application N/118/01141/16 going to Committee on 15/09/16 at 13:30;

 Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (12th July, 2016)

  •  25.7.16   Road closure notification;
  • 27.7.16   Comments on transition site/local plan; (info)
  • 4.8..16   Town and Parish Newsletter;
  • 9.8.16   Meeting room redecoration; (info)
  • 10.8.16   Planning decision – full – N/118/00093/16 – Smith;
  • 18.8.16   Notification of meeting ref street lights 22.8.16;
  • 18.8.16   Louth Rural Newsletter;
  • 22.8.16   Planning – full – N/118/01231/16 – Rowlands;
  • 23.8.16   Weekly email news digest;
  • 23.8.16 DPI’s; (info for 6 Cllrs);
  • 25.8.16   Street lights information;
  • 5.9.16   Street lights information;
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  • 6.9.16   Street lights information;
  • 9.9.16   Street lights linformation;
  • 7.9.17   Permit consultation;
  • 9.9.16 Town & Parish newsletter.
  • An email forwarded by Mr Brian Ramsden was brought to the attention of the Parish Councillors.   Cllr McNally had already given us further information, this would be forwarded to Mr Ramsden by Clerk.

53.16 – Playing Field

 It was brought to our attention that the tree on the playing field was under threat of being chopped/pruned.

Cllr Rickett had intervened and stated that permission had not been given for this to be done.

Clerk wrote to Football Team and asked that they give us precise details of work that is required so that we can ensure that it is done properly and safely, unfortunately as yet, no reply has been received from Football Team. The tree will be put on the next Agenda.


Rospa Report – This has been received and studied by Chair. There are a couple of items with a ‘medium’ risk and it was proposed that Chair goes through document and highlights all the items that, in his opinion Newby Leisure should address on our behalf, these include split wood on the rolling log, corrosion on part of Multiplay and damage on Rope Walk.

The Clerk to get quotes for the work that needs to be done to the fence and benches from Digs, Karl Graham, Tim Jacklin and Paul Pridgeon (Cllr Mason to give contact details).

54.16 – Damage Report

 Cllr Joynson reported some damage to kerbing in Littlefield Lane but is not sure whether some groundwork is being carried out. This would be put on next months Agenda.

55.16 - Planning

 Planning decision – full – N/118/00093/16 – Smith;

Planning – full – N/118/01231/16 – Rowlands;

Notification of planning application N/118/01141/16 – Rickett, going to Committee on 15/09/16 at 13:30.

56.16 – Chairman’s Items

 New Web Site – This is now up and running. There have been a couple of hiccups but Easyweb are very helpful and sort things out very efficiently for us. Cllr Osbourne stated that she was interested in how it was set up. Clerk to show her what she knows and give her access. Councillors were highly delighted with the site and said how professional it looks.

 57.16 – AOB

 Cllr Parkinson still in process of painting phone box, notice board to be next.

 58.16 Date and Time of Next Meeting

 Tuesday 11th October – 7-00 pm Trust Meeting, 7-30 Parish Council Meeting.

Cllrs Parkinson and Joynson gave advance apologies as away.

No further business, meeting closed at 9.16 pm


  September 18, 2016, 2:36 pm


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