Minutes 14th March, 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Marshchapel Parish Council held in the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesday 14th  March,  2017 at 7.15 pm

Present: Cllrs. P Rickett (Chair),  C Henderson,  H. Mason, R. Bealey,  S. Osbourne and                 R. Joynson.

Apologies: R. Parkinson (work);  R. Cordy .


Also present: Cllr. McNally (LCC & ELDC ); Cllr Palmer (ELDC).

                       4 members of the public

Clerk:             Mrs P. Plumridge.

 122,16 – Members of public

One member of the public brought up the problem of overhanging branches from trees at the Estate Office. It seems that the large branches which overhang the road get caught by large lorry’s which causes wear on the phone lines.  This results in problems with the internet.  There is also a problem with bushes overgrown on the footpath in this area.  Clerk to contact Merton College and ask them to prune back in this area.

 123.16 -Cllr Palmer and Cllr McNally

Cllr Palmer reported that at the recent Budget meeting most things seem to be going up. The budget was approved on 22.2.17 and he reported the increases for a typical Band D property would be:

LCC – 3.95% (2% social care, 1.95% general tax increase);

Police & Crime Commissioner – 1.97%

ELDC – 3.9%

Parish precepts – 19.25%

In monetary costs this equated to £61.94 increase per Band D property per year.

Cllr McNally reported that the street lights would be converted to LED’s from May this year.

He also reported that the proposed referendum could not legally take place on election day (4th May).

During the summer consultations or an online poll could take place.

He had nothing further to report on amenity grass cutting but was continuing to look into it, Clerk had received a map of the amenity areas cut in Marshchapel from him.

 124.16 – Police

 There were no Police Officers present or a police report filed.

 125.16 – Declaration of Interests

Cllr Henderson declared an interest in the letter from the Church as she is a Church Warden.

Cllr Rickett declared an interest in N/118/00052/17 as it is next door to his building plot.

Cllr McNally has also declared an interest in this application.

 126.16 – Minutes

 The minutes were moved and signed.

127.16 – Matters Arising

 Speed Brackets – not done yet, although members of the public have offered to do this our insurance cover does not cover them to be able to do this and for any subsequent claim if they did. John Siddle has been contacted as it seems he could have a supply of more 30 mph speed limit signs and some signs for wheelie bins.

Playing Field – Three quotes for tree pruning on perimeter had been requested, two of the contractors replied stating that their insurance did not cover them for trees of that size.  It was proposed by Cllr Mason that we go ahead with the quote from TEJ Contracting for £380, this was seconded by Cllr Osbourne.

A request has been made to the Parish Council that motor homes be allowed to park overnight for the music festival supporting the Air Ambulance. It was proposed by Cllr Rickett that we allow this and seconded by Cllr Joynson.

 128.16 – Financial

Financial report has been forwarded, 3 cheques to sign.

707 – P. Plumridge – Wages

708 – HM Customs & Rev – PAYE

709 – P. Plumridge – Expenses for year.

 A request from St. Marys church for the PC to pay for their brown sign was read out. It was agreed we would,  in this instance,  pay for the sign.  Proposed Cllr Rickett, seconded Cllr Osbourne.

 129.16 – Correspondence

 Correspondence received/forwarded since last meeting,   (7th February, 2017)

  •  Furniture @ work brochure;
  • St. Marys Church – request for money for brown sign;
  • Broxap – litter and recycling bins brochure;
  • Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine;



 Emails received/forwarded since last meeting,   (7th February, 2017)

  •  13.2.17 – ELDC Planning consultation N/118/00052/17 – Littlefield Farm
  • 25.2.17 – Messenger – Feb 2017;
  • 2.3.127 – LALC Newsletter;
  • 2.3.17 – S137 Update;
  • 7.3.17 – BKV Competition;
  • 7.3.17 – Town & Parish Newsletter;
  • 8.3.17 – ELDCPlanning consultation N/118/000374/17 – Fairview
  • 9.3.17 – ELDC Planning consultation N/118/00348/17 – Platers
  • 10.3.17 – Weekly email newsletter;

 130.16 – Damage Report

 It seems Footpath 27 has been ploughed up and needs re-instating across field.

(Cllr Palmer left 8:02)

131.16 – Planning

Cllr Rickett withdrew from the room for this item and passed Chair to Cllr Henderson.

N/118/00052/17, change of use, fishing lake – application dealt with between meetings, comments have been submitted, PC object.

Cllr Rickett returned to room and re-took Chair.

N/118/00374/17 – Fairview. This was looked at and discussed – PC supported.

N/118/00348/17 – Platers, Church Lane – This was looked at and discussed PC supported but wished to bring to the attention of the planners that we have a right of way down that lane.

 132.16 – Chairman’s Items

 Chair declared his concern over the Church Lane junction and asked fellow Councillors to consider what could be done.

 133.16 – AOB

 BKV – do we wish to take part – this was discussed and it was agreed we should take part this year. Proposed Cllr Osbourne, seconded Cllr Mason.

 Cllr McNally spoke about the Lincolnshire Coastal Destination Bid, which he didn’t have a lot of information on but he thought it applied to businesses with a rateable value over £5000. It seems 1.5% of the rateable value goes towards street cleaning, entertainment, Lincolns sandcastle,  etc.  It is a 5 year programme and is applied from Friskney to Tetney but only appears to be benefitting Chapel St Leonards and Ingoldmells at present. If this is accepted it will be a legal requirement for all business to pay. There is a link, which Cllr McNally will forward but he only has sketchy information at the moment no one seems to know much about it.  LCD Bid.co.uk

 134.16 Date and Time of Next Meeting

 Tuesday 11th April, 2017 – 7-00 pm Trust Meeting,  7-30 Parish Council Meeting. 

No further business, meeting closed at 8.25 pm

  April 2, 2017, 8:40 pm


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